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Our mission at Theobald Family Chiropractic is
  • to educate the public about the detrimental effects of spinal subluxations and how the removal of them relates to one reaching his or her maximum life potential;
  • to provide a healing atmosphere in which patients will always be treated with love and respect;
  • to remove nerve interference from as many members of the community as possible in order to decrease the potential of the community as a whole, and
  • to provide a fee system where every member of the community is able to receive affordable chiropractic care and regular spinal checkups.


The goal of Theobald Family Chiropractic is to provide a setting that is instrumental in the healing process.  We strive to adjust as many men, women and children in our community as possible in order to remove subluxations that are preventing our society from reaching its optimum health and optimum potential.  We have a profound respect for the innate intelligence of the body to maintain itself in health and repair itself when damaged.  It is with this philosophy in mind that we invite you to our office.  In order to achieve health, it is important to receive regular spinal checkups.  Only Chiropractors are trained to detect and remove the subluxations that are interfering with the way you live your life.

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