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Paraspinalthermalimagingscan1.jpg (19500 bytes) In addition to offering a complete spinal examination and x-ray analysis, Theobald Family Chiropractic also incorporates the use of the TyTron C-3000 Paraspinal Thermal Imaging System.   This is the only unit of its kind in the tri-county region and is one of three units in the entire state of South Carolina.  This safe and painless system measures the infrared heat emitted from the body's surface.  Thermal imaging is unique in that it displays how the nervous system is functioning.  Since the health of the nervous system can determine the health of the body as a whole, this examination provides critical information that is vital to your care.

How does Paraspinal Thermal Imaging work?

The process is based on a precise analysis of the body's surface temperature along the spine.  Differences in temperature between opposite sites of the spine are compared in order to establish normal values.  The significance of these temperature differences indicates the presence of abnormal nervous system function.   Paraspinal Thermal Imaging has been found to detect the cause of many conditions which were undetected in other diagnostic tests.

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The left Paraspinal Thermal image illustrates the areas of abnormal nervous system function before a Chiropractic adjustment is given.  The right Paraspinal Thermal image illustrates the function of the nervous system after it has been restored to normal, following a Chiropractic adjustment.