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Clientchecksin.jpg (35455 bytes) During your first visit to Theobald Family Chiropractic, you will be asked to fill out some identifying paperwork (see Forms) and a detailed health history.  If your health history warrants, spinal x-rays and paraspinal thermal images will be taken to precisely evaluate a client's spinal health.   This extensive and comprehensive examination will determine if chiropractic care can, in fact, relieve any non-optimum physical condition you may have. 


Analysisexplanationproblem.jpg (35028 bytes) No chiropractic services will be performed without your consent at any time.  You will be given the choice at all times to continue with an examination or treatment.  After x-rays and your examination are evaluated, your first adjustment will be performed after a thorough explanation of chiropractic care.


During your second visit, you and Dr. Theobald will discuss the problems with your spine and what is necessary to achieve better spinal health.   A spinal care plan will be developed and you can begin your scheduled visits.